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Why We're Here

Our plan is simple...spend as much time as we can in our RV exploring what the U.S. has to offer outside of Arizona!

Our journey has already taken us to so many places, from as far south as Texas and Florida to as far north as Maine and Washington!

We're not quite sure what our plans are for this year, but rest assured, with our lack of planning skills, our RV Trip Wizard map will look like we've been driving in circles!

We have a Grand Design Imagine 2800bh that we tow with our GMC Denali 2500.

There were a few changes we had to make to both vehicles in order to prepare for the type of RVing we wanted to do. 

We are not fond of cities, tight campsites, or RV parks that do not allow pit bulls, so we're almost always boondocking, or staying at COE, county, or state parks. 

The first change we made was to add a camper shell to our truck.  This allowed us to let the dogs have their own space while traveling, and gave us additional storage that could be locked up if needed. We also purchased a 50 gallon water tank from an agriculture supply store that stays in the back of the truck for additional water while boondocking.

As far as the RV goes, our major changes included adding 950 watts of solar and two 206Ah SOK lithium ion batteries.  We replaced the toilet with a composting toilet, which allowed us to combine our black and gray tanks, extending the amount of time we can boondock.  

Are you getting the feeling we're trying to escape civilization?  You're probably right!

We've made several other changes along the way, but I'll leave those details for the blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our journey and maybe we'll see you on the road!!


A Little Bit About Our RV Set Up



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