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Saddle Mountain BLM  Tonopah, Arizona

Saddle Mountain BLM is dispersed camping - which means FREE!  We were lucky enough to get to stay here for a month and a half during Arizona's cool season. I would suggest visiting during December, January, or February for the best experience and for the limited number of flies.

Saddle Mountain is in the middle of nowhere.  Across the street from the sites, you'll find Saddle Vista Ranch.  The gentleman has chickens, tortoise, and ducks for you to admire while you're filling your water tank for 5 cents a gallon.  He also sells raw honey, as well as chicken and duck eggs.  You can't beat the price of his eggs. There is a TA Travel Center about 15 minutes away that offers a dump station, showers, water, and fuel.  Buckeye, Arizona is the nearest city that has every store to meet your needs, but it's about 30 minutes away.

Positives: The landscape and sunsets are fabulous! There are very few campers in the area, and even when the area is full, there is a massive amount of space between sites. The peace and quiet can't be beat; it is amazing and relaxing. The nights are cold and the days are cool enough to not need a/c. If you're the exploring type, there are several mountains to hike, ancient petroglyphs, and many opportunities for rockhounding.  If you're remote working, cell data is excellent and I'm sure satellite internet would fare well given the fact there are no trees.

Negatives: If you enjoy camping in grass with full hookups, don't come here.  You'll notice that some people are trashier than others and a few people may disrespect the land by leaving their garbage behind.  Please be kind and haul your trash out!  The only real negative I can think of when it comes to Saddle Mountain is the trip into the city.  The I-10 is notorious for accidents and traffic jams...and if you need to do laundry, you'll be especially disappointed with the nearest laundromat pricing after sitting in traffic for an hour. 

Internet: ATT-Excellent  Verizon-Excellent

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